VOORUIT and LOD music theatre: PARTNERS IN THE 2017-18 SEASON

13 March 2017

VOORUIT and LOD music theatre: PARTNERS IN THE 2017-18 SEASON

In the 2017-18 season, Vooruit and LOD are joining forces. Together we are setting up a temporary place of creation for young and mid-career performing artists. We are transforming the LOD Studio on the Bijloke site into a place where new work is able to develop and mature. Our guests there will include Yinka Kuitenbrouwer, Liz Kinoshita, Atelier Bildraum, Dounia Mahammed, Platform-K/Benjamin Vandewalle and Katrien Oosterlinck. LOD and Vooruit are also collaborating on the presentation of a series of LOD productions by Josse De Pauw and Inne Goris.

This partnership is the start of a long-term joint venture and a commitment to supporting young theatre-makers.

Hans Bruneel, the director of LOD music theatre: ‘Supporting artists, young or not, is the best guarantee of continuing innovation in art and in thought.’

Mathieu Goeury of Vooruit: ‘We are looking forward to combining our expertise. This will give performing artists more rehearsal rooms and better working conditions, and for longer periods.’

23 September 2015

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