Anneleen Van Offel & Adriaan Severins - Komitas

On 24 April 1915, the Armenian composer Komitas was unwillingly put on a train for an unknown destination. The fear coursed through his mind, taking the place of sounds. It was the end of his life’s work, which was the collection of folk songs about all of life’s vicissitudes. It was the day the official genocide began. A little more than a hundred years later, the theatre-makers Anneleen Van Offel and Adriaan Severins ask you to close your eyes. You see someone who no longer finds words, no longer hears music. You see a man trying to restore what he once had. He is a combination of several different people. He is a question about freedom, and what forms it can take.

KOMITAS (working title) will be an audio performance in the dark, in which the live music of Komitas, recordings and literary texts together form a consciousness. A musical experience about a life that might have run up against yours.

During Summer Academy, Anneleen and Adriaan are working on Komitas. Adriaan van Aken will be their coach. On Friday September 1, 11h you are welcome to assist the open studio moment of the project. Entrance is free, but please make a reservation via Meeting place 10h50 at LOD, Bijlokekaai 3, Ghent.

Anneleen Van Offel (1991) looks for those moments when people become entangled in a reality that is bigger than themselves. She is currently working on her first novel, which is set in Israel. In 2015-16 she wrote columns about that country for deBuren, the Dutch-Flemish cultural centre. In summer 2016 she was selected for the Das Mag writing residence and for deBuren’s Paris residence. She obtained a Master’s degree in Wordcraft at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp and writes in words and sound, for plays and radio stories. Her work can be found in, among other things, Hard/hoofd, the Revisor and Kluger Hans.

In the case of Adriaan Severins (1990), it was sound design, movement theatre and philosophy that formed the starting points for his quest. After a short and intensive period working in Belgian fiction, since 2014 Adriaan has been writing his own story on and off the stage. He is independent, but this is combined with a strong tendency towards context and a frame of reference. Adriaan wants to link up makers from various disciplines through the same work ethic. He puts collective creation first in every encounter; as the inspiration behind the La Lluvia collective (2010-14) and the Werklicht deadline project, as a DJ playing classical music in discotheques, as a dancer in a text-based performance, as the acting coach on a musical, and so on. The constant in his own work is the point of contact between sound and movement.


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