Common Ground

How are we alike? What can we learn from each other? Performer Benjamin Vandewalle - ex-P.A.R.T.S. - is fascinated by encounters and how they shape your view of the world. In Common Ground - after We Go and Inbetween – he, accompanied by two other dancers, once again looks for physical confrontation.

Vandewalle dances a trio with two dancers from Platform-K, a workplace for professional dancers with a disability. On the dance floor - the 'common ground' - three very different bodies meet. Entities that function differently but can learn from each other. They do this through improvisation and authentic movement: one dancer is guided by impulses while their partners are watching and observing. The result is a physical dialogue blurring socially learned boundaries and giving free rein to imagination.

Dancer Benjamin Vandewalle examines different methods of watching and being watched. He performed at Vooruit before with productions such as Hear (Film Fest @ Vooruit, 2016) and INTER-VIEW (Smells Like Circus, 2016). Platform-K, a dance company from Ghent, makes inclusive performances, such as the highly acclaimed Monkey Mind by Lisi Estaras, in co-production with Les Ballets C de la B and De Grote Post.

This show is a copresentation in cooperation with Vooruit Ghent.



  • DANCE & CREATION Benjamin Vandewalle, Kobe Wyffels & Hannah Bekemans
  • MUSIC Fulco Ottervanger
  • DRAMATURG Charlotte De Somviele
  • PHOTO Marjan Colombie
  • PRODUCTION Platform-K & Vooruit
  • WITH THE SUPPORT OF Stad Gent, Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen & Vlaamse Overheid



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