Once upon a time

Can wolves bake cookies? Why are the woods so big and high? Why does nobody put arrows there? Are talking doves to be trusted? Why are princesses always just lying there, waiting for the prince to come and kiss them? Why don’t they just ask? And is it a good idea to wait for the prince? Shouldn’t it be better to take a horse and get off? 

Have you noticed that many fairytales are very similar? Have you ever asked yourself if there are any stories about girls that are not as sweet as the Sleeping Beauty or Snowwhite, to name just a few? Have you ever observed a four-year old playing on her own, full of admiration, and asked yourself where your own associative ability has gone to?

Inne Goris used  these questions as the point of departure of a sparkling, visual family performance (4+). A performance where anything should be possible. Whether it is nice or ugly. Right or wrong. Black or white. Long or short. Romantic or horrible.



  • MUSIC Eavesdropper
  • WITH Lisa Gunstone
  • COSTUMES Lieve Meeussen
  • SCENOGRAPHY Catherine Clayé
  • DRAMATURGY Jan Staes
  • PRODUCTION LOD muziektheater, initially created by Zeven

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