Fleur Khani - Conspiracy Theory (working title)

Fleur Khani is a musician and a performer who’s based in Brussels. She studied theater at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp and then deepened her artistic practice in the post graduate program a.pass (Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies). In 2013 she received the Danceweb Scholarship in Vienna for her performance work that concentrated on the body as text and text as a body. Her work has been shown in Brussels, Antwerp, Berlin, Vienna and London over the past years. She has worked for people like Ivo Dimchev, Jennifer Lacey, Michael Roskam, Clausdia Boss and many others. At the beginning of 2016 Fleur receiving funding from the Flemish Authorities to develop and produce the theatre solo Homework, which premiered in May 2017. Homework will be shown in theatres around Flanders up until 2019. Fleur is currently artist in residency at the Foundation Boghossian in Brussels, where she is reading, playing and writing texts. 

During Summer Academy, Fleur will further develop a new research aiming at a potential next production for the end of 2018. It’s working title is Conspiracy Theory. She will be working with coach Bart Capelle on the dramaturgy and spatialisation of sound. On Friday August 25, 15h you are welcome to assist the open studio moment of the project. Entrance is free, but please make a reservation via magalie@lod.be. Meeting place 14h50 at LOD, Bijlokekaai 3, Ghent.

'I want to work around the subject of the Truth and the apparent need for secrecy around it. Through text, voice and singing on stage I want to research how I as a world citizen position myself towards different religious and intellectual affiliations that all claim the truth. On a second level I want to expand that content to contemporary media and marketing where desire and mysterie are constantly created in order for to want what we cannot have. Could the obsession around truthfulness and right information be driven by the same desire to have and to know?

The research is currently still very general and conceptual. Concretely I am currently in residency at the Fondation Boghossian in Brussel (Villa Empain) and I’m reading books about the history of freemasonry and specifically freemasonry in Belgium. I find it so fascinating, this idea that thought and human knowledge can be free or unfree, forbidden or permitted, hidden or openly shared… Simultaneously, through the readings, I get more and more fascinated by the apparent fear for these “free thinkers” that existed/exists in our society. And the implications on a political, social and individual level are numerous. I keep thinking about this quote of Jesus: “now go and tell no one” - which could also be the best marketing punch line ever.

From my readings I want to write texts and these texts I want to perform. Very simply, starting with my own voice and from an individual standpoint. Speaking, singing, possibly including some effect pedals and sending the words through Ableton Live. I want to find a deeper meaning in the texts through adding theatrical and spatial standpoint.'


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