Sustainibility & solidarity

As an artists’ centre, LOD is committed to sustainable and solidarity-based artistic practice

We achieve this not only by taking new ecological initiatives, but also by working in a sustainable and solidarity-based way at the heart of our operations: the creation and performance of musical-theatre productions. We are aware that the impact of the arts sector on the global ecological problem is relatively limited. But it is unacceptable for us to use this as an excuse not to try harder. If only for the sake of the role the arts plays in society, we want to commit to:


  1. By working in an ecologically responsible manner every day: including using a compost bin, avoiding disposable packaging, using recycled paper, and by vegetarian catering with regional products. By only using the car if there is no alternative.
  2. By ensuring that our productions are ecologically responsible: no scenery with tropical hardwood, limiting energy use, stimulating the use of LED lighting, etc.

  3. Sustainability goes further than ecological choices. What meaning can the work generate for the local community or economy? We are not only looking for the cheapest solution or the cheapest material.

  4. Travel and transport are the two most environmentally damaging items in the arts sector. LOD is an internationally touring production house. We always look for the least polluting method of travel, and in the past have pulled out of performances because of their ecological footprint. But this does not mean that we are stopping our international performances altogether. However, we will be trying to extend our ecological approach to encompass these as well, by:

  • Avoiding one-off performances at more distant locations abroad, intensifying the relationship with the local arts sector and population, for example by offering lectures or master-classes alongside the presentation of a few performances, thus generating a greater local presence.
  • Researching new, alternative production methods. For example, by working with local artists or orchestras in our artistic projects. 
  •  LOD also wants to be sustainable by only beginning on projects if we can set up adequate communication with the audience, i.e. can guarantee sufficient performances. The care we take to make sure that as many people as possible get to know our productions is also expressed in the fact that we keep them on our repertoire for a long time. 


Working sustainably is only meaningful if we do it in a solidarity-based way. And in today’s Europe, solidarity is more necessary than ever.

  1. Together with other arts organisations, LOD is an active member of Greentrack. Greentrack is a network whose aim is to make the arts sector more sustainable and less environmentally damaging. By exploring and implementing joint purchasing with other Greentrack members, we want to make it possible to work more sustainably within the arts sector’s limited budgetary means, whilst also focusing on a local economy that produces things in an ecologically responsible way.
  2. However, this focus on the local may not lead to solidarity that is excessively local. This also applies on an artistic level. LOD supports local artists, but not exclusively: it must also retain its open view of the world. Southern Europe is hugely affected by the economic crisis, so the question of whether an artist is working ecologically or sustainably is not (yet) relevant there, because an artist scarcely has any opportunities to show his work to the public

LOD muziektheater attaches great importance to the unique example that the arts sector sets for society.

By engaging at a sustainable and ecological level, our aim is to honour this responsibility to the best of our ability.