Atelier Bildraum is the working space of artists Charlotte Bouckaert & Steve Salembier. Together they work on the intersection between visual arts and performance, and observe the visual in performing arts as well as the performative aspect in the visual arts. Atelier Bildraum’s art practice gives room to the image and the imagination, to time and space, as the most important themes. Their work centralizes the visualisation and the obtaining of meaning through the imagination of the spectator. Atelier Bildraum is less interested in the image an sich, but more in the process of creating images; in the context and space in which images appear and disappear. Their work focusses mainly on the gaze that captures the images, on the experience of looking and feeling.  The name of their atelier is not a coincidence: ‘Bildraum’ is a concept in photography that indicates the inner chamber of a full frame technical camera. It is in this space that the image comes into being. In that way, Atelier Bildraum, is as well an imaginary space, a personal universe in which both artists constantly place the photographic image and the architectural space in other contexts in relation to the aspect of time.


Charlotte consecutively studied Sociology at the KU Leuven, Photography at the Academy of Ghent and Scenography at APASS Brussels. As a solo artist, Charlotte creates installations and performative work through which the creation of photographic images is made dependent on the time and space of the work. Steve studied architecture at the Hendry van de Velde Institute in Antwerp, and remained working there for a long time as a teacher. He worked for Stéphane Beel & Lieven Achtergael architects where he created several public buildings as well as projects in the public space. Charlotte and Steve met in 2012 and created their first installation performance in 2014, coproduced by Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek and Beursschouwburg Brussels.  Their project, Bildraum, was awarded the Big in Belgium Award at Theater Aan Zee 2015 and the Total Theatre Award at Fringe Festival 2016 in Edinburgh. In the meantime, they worked together on several projects and toured in Belgium and abroad. Since 2015, Atelier Bildraum became Artists in Residence at LOD muziektheater in Ghent, where they created the projects In between violet and green, Reflector and i c o n.  

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