Hendrik Lasure (1997) started classical piano lessons at a very early age. On hearing a recording of Dizzy Gillespie’s version of The Sunny Side of the Street, his interest was aroused and he took part in a jazz workshop in 2008. Werner Meert became his piano teacher and Janos Bruneel and Lander Vandenoordtgaate led his combos there.

On completing his secondary education at deKunstAcademie in Knokke-Heist (June 2011), he received a scholarship from the ‘Blinckaert’ section of the Marnix Ring.

In August 2012 he made his debut as a solo pianist at the Gaume jazz festival. He was awarded three first prizes in the Belfius Classics: as a member of the Tacalan quintet, as a member of Triopated and as a solo pianist. His current project, SCHNTZL (a duo with Casper Van De Velde), won the prize for best soloist in 2015 (Casper) and best composer (Hendrik) at the Tremplin d’Avignon, and won the STORM! Contest at Vrijstaat O in Ostend. As a result, they will be releasing their debut album on the W.E.R.F. label in October 2016.
Hendrik is currently studying under Diederik Wissels, David Lynx and Stéphane Galland at the Royal Conservatoire in Brussels.

For Vanish Beach (2017), a production of Hof Van Eede en LOD muziektheater, Lasure created the music.

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