"It makes perfect sense that LOD is one of the driving forces behind the enoa network: when you get to know the company and the people behind it, it becomes clear they´re really just about one thing: helping you fulfilling your potential, by creating a protected environment where you can work safely, develop your ideas, and take risks. For an artist, it is inspiring to see the level of commitment this company and everyone involved in it show towards art and creators."

VASCO MENDONCA´s (°1977 Portugal) music has been performed all over Europe, by groups such as the Asko|Schoenberg Ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble, Remix Ensemble, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Gulbenkian Orchestra, Orquestra Sinfonica Casa da Música and Drumming Ensemble. Mendonça's works have been commissioned by and featured in festivals such as Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, Aldeburgh Music, Verbier Festival, Musica Nova Helsinki, Musica Strasbourg and Gaudeamus Music Week, and in venues such as Het Concertgebouw, de Singel, de Doelen, Grand Theatre du Luxembourg, Elbphilarmonie Hamburg, Kölner Philarmonie, Salle Gaveau, Casa da Música and Gulbenkian Foundation. His interest in composing for the stage has led him to collaborate with some of the most cutting-edge music-theatre companies in Europe, such as Music Theatre Wales, Muziektheater Transparant and LOD Muziektheater, and with directors such as Katie Mitchell, Michael McCarthy and Luis Miguel Cintra. His music has been recorded by Classic Concert Records. Mendonça studied with Klaas de Vries and George Benjamin, and  his distinctions include the Lopes Graça Composition Award, ROLEX Mentor and Protegé Arts Initiative, Composer in Residence at Casa da Música, several artistic grants from the Ministry of Culture and representing Portugal at UNESCO’s International Rostrum of Composers. In 2013, his first opera The House Taken Over, premiered at the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence under the LOD-wings. In 2016 the LODproduction Bosch Beach, for which Vasco Mendonça collaborated with Kris Verdonck and Dimitri Verhulst, was launched. Bosch Beach was a musical-theatre project made in the context of the Hieronymus Bosch year.

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