Wannes Gyselinkck studied Latin and Greek and obtained a PhD in Ancient Greek Literature with a thesis on ‘irony and fiction/meta-fiction in rhetorical Greek writing’. While a student he was a member of Lite, an electric guitar ensemble that played compositions by and together with John King (USA) and René Lussier (Canada). He lectured in Ancient Greek Literature and Translation Studies at Ghent University and is currently a lecturer at the School of Arts/KASK in Ghent, where he teaches on the drama course and at the Conservatoire.

In addition to his work as a freelance writer on theatre, literature, music, dance and art (with commissions from Rosas, Ictus, LOD, the Handelsbeurs, Bijloke, Concertgebouw Bruges, etc.) he also writes on the performing arts for rekto:verso, the art criticism magazine.

He also works as a dramaturge, among others for Hof van Eede, (The Weiss Effect, 2014), LOD (Enough already! / Lâchez tout!, François Sarhan, 2013) and Stefaan Van Brabandt (Socrates, 2015). As a theatre-maker (including musical theatre), in 2013, together with the Mambocito Mio collective, he created the youth production Broken Dreams for the Kopergietery, and for BRONKS Alles is opgelost (2015), for which he wrote the text and part of the music and performed the music.

For the composer Joris Blanckaert he wrote the libretto for The Wandering Womb (2013), a chamber opera produced by De Bijloke, with Elise Caluwaerts.

For Hof van Eede he co-wrote the script of last play, The Weiss Effect (2014) and translated their prize-winning debut production Where the world is going, that’s where we are going (2012) into English. The premiere of this version was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (‘Big in Belgium’ section) in August 2014. In 2015 he worked together with them on the production Paradis. Vanish Beach in 2017 was another coproduction of Hof van Eede with LOD.

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