Young artist don't have it easy today. That's why LOD thinks it's important to create space and resources for these young musicians.

That's why we're part of enoa: the European Network of Opera Academies. The enoa network was born from the wish of a number of operatic institutions – opera academies, festivals, foundations and producers – to work more closely together to support the professional integration of the most talented young artists and to support the development of their artistic ambitions.

With the backing of the European Commission’s Culture Programme since 2011 and Creative Europe programme since 2016, enoa has been working to train emerging artists and promote their mobility, while encouraging the creation and performance of new operas all over Europe.

Thanks to its first five years of experience, the enoa network is renewing its commitment to artists at the start of their professional careers and launching Young Opera Makers starting in May 2016.

In a rapidly changing industry, where the role of creation, the development of new forms, the exploration of innovative creative processes and audience renewal are among the major challenges for opera professionals, the issue of the training and occupational integration of young creators and performers is of crucial importance.

Young Opera Makers programme’s aim is to give them the keys to their occupational integration and international career by offering them excellent training, with an interdisciplinary and contemporary approach to opera, enabling them to perform and experience creative processes, and increase their visibility and access to international recruitment circuits.

Thirteen member institutions, eighteen associated partners, over a thousand young artists and some three hundred professionals make up the enoa community. And off course LOD muziektheater is also part of that community!


Opera rocks, thanks to enoa! 


"For me, enoa means more encounters. Discussing, sharing opinions, or disagreeing with other composers is extremely inspiring, and often leads to the making of some very concrete plans. Without enoa, I wouldn’t be working on my opera with a director from London right now, and I’d never have met the theremin player for my new ensemble!" – Thomas Smetryns

“I can only wish that what enoa is doing for and with young artists becomes the standard for future networks and initiatives of this kind. … I suspect the future European musical-theatre scene will be flooded with collaboration and projects triggered in one way or another by enoa.” – Vasco Mendonça

"enoa not only broadens young artists’ conceptual framework, but also allows them to gain practical experience in the opera and musical-theatre medium. I wrote my first orchestral work during an enoa workshop with the Gulbenkian Orchestra in Lisbon in 2012, and I even had the chance to write new work for the same orchestra afterwards." – Daan Janssens


Second workshop ENOA and LOD