Artist portraits ‘i c o n’

15 November 2018

Artist portraits ‘i c o n’

The idea for i c on originated during a TOTEM(s) Academy in Avignon in July 2016, where composer Frederik Neyrinck and librettist Sabryna Pierre met for the first time. During the next few months, the two would meet a couple of times during workshops by enoa. In the meantime, Steve Salembier and Charlotte Bouckaert of Atelier Bildraum, soprano Lieselot De Wilde and actor Tibo Vandenborre joined their artistic team.

In this series of short artist portraits, the artist themselves talk about their personal experiences during the creative process of i c o n.

i c o n premiered on 14 November 2018 at NEXT festival (at Budascoop, Kortrijk), and will tour to Amsterdam, Ghent, Luxembourg, Lisbon and Antwerp in season 2018-2019.


Atelier Bildraum, direction & scenography
Atelier Bildraum, creative duo behind the direction and scenography of i c o n.
'It becomes a sort of hybrid mix, a combination of a concert, a photo shoot and a film set, in an architectural setting where the borders between audience and the artists on stage are really small.'

Frederik Neyrinck, composer
Composer Frederik Neyrinck about the music he wrote for i c o n.
 'It is a completely different way of collaborating. You work more closely together with the soprano Lieselot De Wilde, Asko Schönberg and the actor Tibo Vandenborre, but also with the ideas of Atelier Bildraum, the text by Sabryna Pierra and the technical crew. You really feel that we are creating something that is truly connected.'

Lieselot De Wilde, soprano
Lieselot De Wilde about her role as 'icon'.
'To become an icon, you have to be born with it. You have to really want it.'

Tibo Vandenborre, actor
Tibo Vandenborre a.k.a. 'Mister Death' about 'i c o n' and the return to his first love.
'It is all very physical, tactile, lots of things for me to explore simulaneously'.

Sabryna Pierre, librettist
Sabryna Pierre about the libretto she wrote for i c o n.

14 February 2019
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