enoa workshop on documentary theatre and realism on stage

14 May 2019

enoa workshop on documentary theatre and realism on stage


Starting - ending date

3 – 6/9/2019

Language of the workshop


Call open to

Singers, composers, playwrights, set designers, theatre directors, creation teams, dramaturges, actors, video designers

On the workshop

In European theatre history, poetry, music and “true historical stories” have been combined and connected in many ways. When different “genres” developed, different aesthetics and means of expression have more and more split up. The central goal of this workshop is bringing together what some people call “documentary” theatre and “music” theatre.

We encourage young artists and students – especially theatre makers –who work with music and who are interested in working with material taken from research, documents and ‘real life’ to take part. The workshop will be guided and moderated by Stefan Bläske, currently head of dramaturgy at NTGent, where he works with Milo Rau and other artists on what they call a “theatre of the real”. 

The workshop will include a presentation about the history of documentary theatre (in central Europe) and will offer different approaches and concepts of dealing with “reality” on stage. We will see and discuss theatre productions. And especially, we will work individually and as a group to develop ideas and concepts for future projects of the participants.


The goal is to overcome the classical division of music theatre / opera and documentary theatre and to encourage artists and music theatre makers to develop forms that combine both elements. How can the intellectual and emotional dimensions, the different means of expression of working with historical documents, biographies and “real people” on stage be combined organically with music, dance and singing? What might be developments of these genres in the future?

Bio Stefan Bläske

Stefan Bläske studied theatre and media studies, philosophy, political and admininistrative science and did his PhD at the university of Vienna on "Self-reflection and Media Reflection in contemporary theatre". He worked at the Federal Ministry for Education and Research in Berlin and wrote theatre critiques e.g. for www.nachtkritik.de. As a dramaturge, he worked at the state theatre in Munich (Residenztheater) and freelance with different artists. He taught at several universities and arts schools such as Otto Falckenberg School in Munich and ZHdK Zurich.

He has worked as a dramaturge for Milo Rau and the IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder from 2014 to 2018 on several projects such as Empire (coproduced by Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels) as well as in German city theatres such as Schaubühne Berlin (Compassion and Lenin). His first project in Ghent was Five Easy Pieces, produced by CAMPO, which won several prizes in Europe and was invited to the Theatertreffen festival in Berlin. The German theatre critics selected Stefan Bläske as "dramaturge of the year" ("Theater heute") in 2017. Since 2018 he is head of dramaturgy at NTGent.

Registration deadline

June 15th 2019

Selection criteria

CV + letter of intention (to be sent to rozemarijn@lod.be)

Practical information

The workshop, lunch and tickets for theatre productions are offered.


LOD muziektheater, Bijlokekaai 3, 9000 Ghent (Belgium)

Organised by LOD muziektheater and enoa, European Network of Opera Academies.

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