Practical information

Our offices are located on the Bijlokesite.

LOD muziektheater

Bijlokekaai 3

B-9000 Gent

(t) +32 9 266 11 33 - (f) +32 9 266 11 30

BE05 0011 9600 7875 - GEBABEBB

TAV BE 0436 199 397


As part of our commitment to a better planet, we recommend that you come on foot, by bike or on public transport.

On foot from Gent Sint-Pieters station:

From the front entrance of the station cross over to the far right-hand corner of the Maria-Hendrikaplein and then turn into Koningin Elisabethlaan. The top of this road joins Kortrijksesteenweg. Turn left into this road and follow it as far as the traffic lights. At the lights keep on in the same direction, crossing over to the other side of the junction, and then turn left (Ijzerlaan). The second street on the right is the Bijlokekaai (after crossing the bridge). LOD is 200 metres further on, at no. 3.


By public transport from Gent Sint-Pieters station:

Take tram 1 (heading for ‘Wondelgem’ or ‘Evergem’) at the tram and bus station outside the railway station and get off at the ‘Van Nassaustraat’ stop (major crossroads with Kortrijksesteenweg). Cross the junction in the same direction as the tram and turn left (Ijzerlaan). The second street on the right is the Bijlokekaai (after crossing the bridge). LOD is 200 metres further on, at no. 3.

By car:

From the motorway, take the turn-off to ‘Gent-Centrum’. When the signs offer the choice of ‘Gent-Centrum’ or ‘Alle Richtingen’, take ‘Alle Richtingen’. At the bottom of the slope move over to the left-hand lane. After about 100m turn left at the lights under the viaduct, onto ‘R40/Sint-Lievenslaan’. You are now on the ring-road. Follow the signs to ‘N90/Eeklo’. Continue along Sint-Lievenslaan, then Citadellaan, then Charles de Kerckhovelaan. Once you have crossed the lights where you see tramlines, go over a bridge and the road becomes Godshuizenlaan. At this point you can see the Bijlokesite on your right. Continue until the next set of lights and turn right into Bijlokehof. Follow this street and then turn right into Jozef Kluyskensstraat. Drive until you can no longer go straight on, then turn right into Bijlokekaai. Our offices are at no. 3. You can park in Jozef Kluyskensstraat (entrance to the Conservatoire) or in Godshuizenlaan.

Room rentals

LOD muziektheater has a rehearsal studio next to the offices at 3 Bijlokekaai in Ghent.

The room has a floor area of 294 m² and is technically equipped as described in detail in the technical rider




Bram Vandekerckhove, Dirk Velghe, Freya Poppe, Herman Balthazar, Hugo De Vos, Ilknur Cengiz, Ilse Jansoone - voorzitter, Jan Balliu, Joost Bonte, Mil Kooyman, Niklaas Van den Abeele, Raf Vandenbussche, Sofie Joye, Tru Lefevere, Vera Dua, An De Bisschop, Geert Riem, Hans Bruneel (waarnemend lid), Herwig Onghena, Josse Abrahams, Karin Temmerman, Wim De Temmerman, Badra Djait, Leen Verschreagen, Henri Jacobs, Stef Konings, Reinhard Dhondt.


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All photo material is (c) Kurt Van der Elst, unless mentioned otherwise and with the exception of the productions in the archives.

All video material is (c) Pascal Poissonnier unless mentioned otherwise.


For more information on renting this location, contact:

Nic Roseeuw       09 266 11 33