Anton is a production by An De Donder, Rik Verstrepen & Linde De Donder


Anton is a project based on a fairytale by Fernand Auwera. An expert on fairytales, Anton has had enough of books and chooses instead to go for a refreshing walk in the countryside. Almost against his will, he finds himself caught up in a fairytale. As is often the case it takes on the form of a task, a quest, an initiation. One of the characters, Diederik met het Glazen Hart (Glass Heart) is changed into 33 birds, and his sweetheart Helena met de Applewangen ( Applecheeks), into 33 cats. The situation becomes intolerable and Anton is faced with the task of setting things right. Armed with a magic wand that works against the grain, he sets out in search of the book of miracles. He finds himself on a giant goose board on which he encounters Constantine, king of the gnomes, Gele Geertrui (Golden Gertrude), Grote Grutjes (Big Fry), and Griezelige Griet (Gruesome Gerty).

In this fairytale it is very important to be able to count well. Anton knows that square number 41 is dangerous, and although the magic wand still has 17 wishes left, five of them will never be fulfilled. At the end of the story it also appears that 3 birds and 3 cats are missing, which means that Diederik and Helena will always have some part of them that is missing. Or won’t they?


Premiere 24 March 1999 LODstudio Gent



  • TEXT 'Anton en de twintig wensen' a fairytale by Fernand Auwera
  • GRAPHICS Linde De Donder
  • MUSIC Rik Verstrepen
  • VIDEO MANIPULATION Peter Missotten
  • PERFORMER An De Donder
  • MUSICIANS Kristof Roseeuw & Lode Vercampt
  • PRODUCTION LOD muziektheater

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