Bildraum can be translated as ‘image space’; these are the two elements that Steve Salembier and Charlotte Bouckaert work with in this performance with an open narrative structure. Together, they create a kind of ‘architecture walk’ before the eyes of the spectator: using her camera Charlotte moves across the various spaces Steve has built up using scale-models. In this way they gradually create images, frameworks in which personal memories unfold, a story that is built up like a photo album. The result is projected onto a large screen at the back of the stage. Bildraum is a performance in which architecture and photography, past and present coincide; a live scenography in which the two artists perform as magicians of the imagination. This piece is the first collaboration for the theatre of architect Steve Salembier and photographer Charlotte Bouckaert.

‘While the rooms/ spaces tell the story of the activities and situations that take place in them, the scale-model and the photographic image isolate that story and thus present a concentrated and focused experience of a captured moment. It is the spectator, with his capacity for emphasis, who, in the course of this process, and between the still images, creates a story that links everything together.’
Charlotte Bouckaert and Steve Salembier

Atelier Bildraum creates performances, installations and scenographic spaces. Photographer Charlotte Bouckaert and architect Steve Salembier work together, each using their own medium, to create new stories. For their first theatre piece, Bildraum, they received the Big in Belgium award at Theater aan Zee (Ostend) in 2015 and the Total Theatre Award in Edinburgh in 2016. Atelier Bildraum is ‘artist in residence’ at the production house LOD muziektheater in Ghent (Belgium). Their second performance, In between violet and green, premiered in March 2017.

We might have stood if we hadn’t been knocked back in our seats by the sheer beauty of it all. A metaphysical magic show for grown-ups. Serious play. Made with compassion and love. Snap it up.
Roy Hutchins - FringeReview
With architectural models and live photography Bildraum takes the audience into a 2D and 3D journey, in which the illusion is de-constructed in front of our eyes.
Evelyne Coussens -
Fri 17 May
20:30, La Rose des Vents Villeneuve d’Ascq (FR)
Sat 18 May
19:30, La Rose des Vents Villeneuve d’Ascq (FR)



  • CONCEPT AND WITH Atelier Bildraum (Charlotte Bouckaert & Steve Salembier)
  • SOUND Duncan Speakman
  • TECHNICIANS Pino Etz, Christoph Donse
  • PRODUCTION Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats
  • COPRODUCTION LOD muziektheater (tournee 17/18), Beursschouwburg, WPZiMMER en de Vlaamse Gemeenschap
  • WITH THE SUPPORT OF Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth
  • THANKS TO ZSenne Artlab, Julie Pfleiderer, Bas Schevers, Tibo Vandenborre, Philip Janssens, Xavier Catry en Destelheide


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