Back to basics. When Inne Goris received an invitation from the Manchester International Festival to develop a musical project for children, she decided to go back to basics. Performances are often many things at the same time:  play and words and music and images. Great, but are young ears still capable of just listening? Can young (and less young) ears, accustomed to a multitude of stimuli, handle pure sound?

With Daydream, Inne Goris stands up to the challenge. Together with the creative team “the astronauts” (Ruimtevaarders) she searched for the perfect listening environment. The Port of Manchester became the inspiration for a very particular location: a freight container. Full of music.

On the outside, the container is what we expect a container to be: hard, cold, rusty and dirty. But those who enter the steel colossus step into a different world. Inside, everything is warm, soft and comfortable. Visitors enter alone, or within an intimate circle – Daydream is a very personal experience . Once the doors are closed, the room belongs to its visitors. They are surrounded by soft cushions. They close their eyes. The composition of Dominique Pauwels embraces them like a cool breeze.

So, is that it? No, that’s only the beginning. The music stimulates the imagination and provides young and old the building blocks to create a unique story of their own. Each visitor leaves Daydream with their own story, dream or fantasy. So, what’s your story? 


Premiere 2 July 2011 Manchester International Festival

“Daydream makes you dream, thanks to the intimate setting and the music specially composed by Dominique Pauwels. This is the ideal way to start fantasising and playing with children.”


  • CONCEPT Inne Goris
  • MUSIC Dominique Pauwels
  • DESIGN Ruimtevaarders (Karolien De Schepper & Christophe Engels)
  • PRODUCTION LOD muziektheater & Manchester International Festival
  • COPRODUCTION MiraMiro Gent & Cyring Out Loud London

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