The House of Forbidden Music- the return match

There is a lot of vigorous music beneath the surface of every city. Musicians of various types and different backgrounds. In 2000, Dick Van der Harst gathered several of them together and brought their music to the surface in The House of Hidden Music. Their backgrounds were Celtic, jazz, contemporary & early classical, traditional, Galician, Irish, Breton, flamenco, Walloon, Flemish, improvisation etc. Their basic attitude was one of respect and a willingness to work together.

The composer and arranger Dick van der Harst chose genres that suit his nature. He himself is at home with a great many ‘hidden and forbidden’ sorts of music. A familiarity with these numerous genres was the basis on which a number of groups were linked together. So Van der Harst was the specialist technician who made sure of the necessary oxygen, the air-conditioning for this ‘house’. For the 25th anniversary of LOD, he once again went for adventure at full tilt. 15 years after the first House of Hidden Music it will now be followed by the ‘replay’, a little older, a little bolder: The House of Forbidden Music.

The House of Forbidden Music- the return match
The House of Forbidden Music- the return match


  • WITH Massive Central: Kurt Budé (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Wim Konink (percussion), Jean-Philippe Poncin (tenora, clarinet, bass clarinet, chalumeau),  Gilles Repond (trombone), Nic Roseeuw (bass saxophone, German flute), Dick van der Harst (tible, bandoneon, banjo) - String quartet : Liesbeth De Lombaert (viola), Saartje De Muynck (violin), Gudrun Vercampt / Karel Ingelaere (Brosella) / Liana Gourdjia (january – february 2017) (viola), Lode Vercampt (cello) - AND Guy Danel/Yunah Proost (Brosella, TAZ) (cello), Bart Vervaeck (guitar), Wim Segers (percussion), Christian Mendoza (piano), Koenraad Hofman (double bass)
  • SINGERS Amparo Cortés, Lieselot De Wilde/Nora Fischer (Rotterdam, Brosella) and Ialma: Nathalie Codesal, Veronica Codesal, Eva Fernandez, Magali Menendez
  • DANCE Sofia Yero
  • AMANUENSIS Jean-Philippe Poncin
  • PRODUCTION LOD muziektheater
  • SUPPORTED BY Sabam for Culture, De Nationale Loterij, Swing, Yesplan, Caruur, VDK Spaarbank
  • WITH THANKS TO Paola Bartoletti


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