Jamie Man & Bérengère Bodin - WHITE RABBIT (enoa-lab)

Everyday Claude visits his friend Lilitha (aged 11) at her home and they play for hours in the garden. They love planting things in the soil and watching them grow. They bury an apple and an apple tree grows. They bury a shoe and a shoe tree grows. Everyday Lilitha’s mother gives her a small white vitamin with her meal but for as far back as she can remember, Lilitha has been secretly collecting these vitamins and giving them to Claude who uses them to feed the soil in their garden. One day Lilitha’s mother discovers her secret and begins to force feed her daughter her vitamins. Claude and Lilitha can no longer feed their garden and it dries up. That’s when Lilitha’s world begins to fall apart. WHITE RABBIT refers to the saying ‘chasing the white rabbit’ which most often refers to hallucinations under the influence of mind altering drugs or the search for a non-existent ‘truth’. With strong references to what we know of ancient greek drama, WHITE RABBIT expresses through performance a view of the world from the eyes of a maladaptive daydreamer who is involuntarily forced out of her imagined reality. If reality is all perception, who has the right to determine if the reality we choose is right or wrong?

During Summer Academy, Jamie & Bérengère will further develop the production WHITE RABBIT and work on different themes ('adults in a child's world', 'seeing and hearing, seeing but not hearing and hearing but not seeing' & 'juxtaposition of materials') This is an enoa-lab, organized by our partner enoa - european network for opera academies. They will be working with 5 kids/dancers, with Emma Posman (soprano), Jackie Janssens (throat singer), Brecht Beuselinck (sound technician), Bart Cappelle (dramaturge) and ensemble SPECTRA (string quartet). On Friday September 8, 12h you are welcome to assist the open studio moment of the project. Entrance is free, but please make a reservation via magalie@lod.be. Meeting place 11h50 at LOD, Bijlokekaai 3, Ghent.

Jamie Man is a British-born Chinese artist who has created work through VOX at the Royal Opera House, Jerwood Opera Writing Programme (Aldeburgh), L’Atelier Opéra en Création Festival d'Aix-en-Provence, Asko|Schönberg Ensemble (Ams t e r d am), Eric Ericson Kammarkör (Stockholm), Xenon Ensemble (Berlin), LOD muziektheater (Ghent) and the Gulbenkian Music Foundation (Lisbon) who commissioned her first large scale opera Play: Episodes in subspace, the first of a series of works created for concert hall staged by director Kristiina Helin and shibari artist Pedro Cordas. Jamie was a Sound and Music embedded composer with Mahogany Opera Group (2013-15) and is currently creating for Festival d’Avignon TOTEM(S) (2017/8).

Bérengère Bodin was born in 1980 in Fonteenay-le-comte, France. After her studies at the CNDC in Angers (promotion 2000), she produced “les mains moites”, a tribute to Samuel Beckett. Following this, Bérengére then joined differents companies such as Raimund Hoghe, Joëlle Bouvier, Carolyn Carlson and Euan Burnet Smith, Kubilai Khan Investigation, JoJi Inc Cy, Isabella Soupart, Robyn Orlin... She joined Les Ballets C de la B with “Primero” from Lisi Estaras. She started with Alain Platel with “C(H)OEURS” (in Madrid with the direction of Gerard Mortier), "Tauberbach" (Munich) and "Nicht schlafen" (La rurh triennal). She discovered her interest to work with children with the creation of Kabinet K "Bab(b)el". She already presented the 2 first chapters of " une catastrophe fantastique" with a team of 9 children with Cacao Bleu and Kopergietery.



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