The Passion of Judas

The Passion of Judas

An alternative account of Jesus' suffering and death. 

Judas… the ultimate incarnation of evil? Dominique Pauwels, Pieter De Buysser and Inne Goris have composed an alternative version of the Gospel in which the death of Christ amounts to his salvation and Judas is a close and faithful friend. Judas delivers Jesus to his final destination – non-existence – at a time when his physical presence is no longer necessary to humanity, who can finally love him, celebrate him, and wait for him.

The personages: Judas (bass baritone), Jesus (mezzo-soprano), the preacher (an Arabic precentor), the last pope, the first believer after the death of this pope, the mysterious “contemporary silent singer” (these last three are performed by members of the children choir of the Vlaamse Opera)… and the symbolic Lake, embodied by a virtual choir (Collegium Vocale), present via speakers on stage and in the audience. Every single character is accompanied by strings, which gradually assemble with the orchestra.

With this Passion, the creators re-establish contact with the ethical and societal questions of our time. Not only do they reflect on humankind, also political and philosophical topics are brought forward.


Premiere 4 March 2009 deSingel Antwerp

The Passion of Judas
The Passion of Judas


  • TEXT Pieter De Buysser
  • DIRECTION Inne Goris
  • MEZZO-SOPRANO Bonita Hyman
  • BASS-BARITONE Romain Bischoff
  • ACTOR Kadi Abdelmalek
  • CHILDREN'S CHOIR VLAAMS OPERA Haruka Sugihara, Korneel Van Neste & Wouter Valvekens
  • MUSICAL DIRECTION Frank Agsteribbe
  • CHOIR (RECORDED) Collegium Vocale Gent
  • SET DESIGN Michiel Van Cauwelaert
  • COSTUMES Lieve Meeussen
  • PRODUCTION LOD muziektheater
  • COPRODUCTION B'Rock, Collegium Vocale Gent, deSingel (Antwerpen), Concertgebouw Brugge
  • SUPPORT de Vlaamse Opera

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