Years and years ago there were once four children who built a wall. They lived around the circular wall.

A web of new customs and stories fanned out from the spot.

Wonderful, forward-pointing signs that crawled from their undeveloped site into the city and over the borders of the country and even the continent.

Hundreds of thousands of people were infected by them as if by a silent fire. Until four children arrived. They wanted to help. They wanted to take the places of the children who by now had become older.

So that this place and this wall could be perpetuated. But the older ones didn’t want to leave.

That is until the new children began to tell stories in which the old children were no more than extras. 


Premiere 13 May 2010 Kunstenfestivaldesarts



  • DIRECTION Inne Goris
  • TEXT Inne Goris & the team, after De Keisnijders by Pieter De Buysser
  • MUSIC Dominique Pauwels
  • SCENOGRAPHY Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen
  • COSTUMES Lieve Meeussen
  • ACTORS Jacob Schoolmeesters, Ernest Eeckhout, Ruth Bruyneel, Emily de Smaele, Jef Stevens, Roger Filip, Denise Gentbrugge, Myriam Vancraeynest
  • SINGER Lieselot De Wilde (soprano)
  • MUSICAL RECORDING String quartet (Gudrun Vercampt, violin, Lode Vercampt, cello, Karel Ingelaere, violin, Jeroen Robbrecht, viola) digital programmation Dominique Pauwels
  • PRODUCTION LOD muziektheater & De Beursschouwburg
  • COPRODUCTION Kunstenfestivaldesarts
  • SUPPORT Goethe-Institut Brussels in the context of After the Fall, Interdisciplinair Studiecentrum voor Kritiek en Actualiteit (ISKA) - Studium Generale & ONDA

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