Equinox is a production by Inne Goris, Pieter De Buysser and Eavesdropper.

There is something better than love between us: complicity - M. Yourcenar


When two people have told each other everything, what else do they have to say? One thing slowly becomes clear: this can happen to any one of us, and no one ever gets a guarantee that love is forever. And who can say that love will never lead to murder?

Equinox (Nachtevening), the sequel to After Medea, is a pared-down, sensory performance where the words by Inne Goris and Pieter De Buysser and the music by Eavesdropper are well matched. A quest in which two people enter the arena, driven on by a live eight-member chorus that now and then forces them to stop and reflect in this emotion-filled arena.


Premiere 11 November 2009 LOD studio Ghent



  • DIRECTION Inne Goris
  • TEXT Pieter De Buysser
  • MUSIC Eavesdropper
  • SET DESIGN Michiel Van Cauwelaert
  • COSTUMES Isabelle Lhoas
  • ACTORS Lieve Meeussen, Jorge Jauregui Allue
  • CHOIR Eva Vandekerckhove (soprano), Lies Tousseyn (soprano), Kristine Dehond (mezzosoprano), Aurélie Lierman (mezzosoprano), Emmanuelle Schotsaert (mezzosoprano), Lut Geeraert (alt), Ed van der Ven (baritone)
  • PRODUCTION LOD muziektheater, ZEVEN

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