Alexander Pushkin’s novel in verse Eugene Onegin is one of the greatest works of nineteenth-century Russian literature. Guy Cassiers drew inspiration from this highly romantic story about an impossible relationship for the first play he directed for Toneelhuis.  

The young heir Onegin becomes friends with the melancholic poet Lensky, who is engaged to Olga, a local girl. When the two friends pay a visit to Olga’s family, Onegin meets her intriguing sister, Tatyana, who immediately falls for his charms. Onegin rejects her firmly but amicably. Years later they meet again in Moscow and this time Onegin does fall in love with her. However, the resigned Tatyana, now married to a dull general, has no intention of breaking her marital vow of fidelity.


Premiere 8 June 2006 Bourla Antwerp



  • AFTER THE NOVEL BY Aleksandr Poesjkin
  • MUSIC Dominique Pauwels
  • DIRECTOR Guy Cassiers
  • PERFORMANCE Tom Dewispelaere, Kevin Janssens, Ariane van Vliet, Gilda De Bal, Vic De Wachter
  • SINGER Barbara Hannigan
  • MUSIC PERFORMANCE Gudrun Vercampt, Karel Ingelaere, Aurélie Entringer, Lode Vercampt, Benjamin Van Esser
  • SET DESIGN Peter Missotten (De Filmfabriek)
  • LIGHT DESIGN Enrico Bagnoli
  • COSTUMES Ilse Vandenbussche
  • DRAMATURGY Erwin Jans
  • PRODUCTION Toneelhuis & LOD muziektheater

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