Father, Mother, I and We

Father, Mother, I and We is a production by Inne Goris, Dominique Pauwels & Kurt d'Haeseleer.


Your hair is only long

if you can run around the world

always straight ahead

and then, when you’re back,

can stand on your own hair.

A thousand kilometres of hair, that’s what I want.


Things are pretty intense inside a little girl’s head, because the world is big and confusing, fun and tiring, frustrating and frightening, cold and exciting.

She tumbles from one bewilderment into the next, and discovers that it is she who is thinking.

That’s what her head is for: to think.

The world is complicated, but her thoughts join in the conversation.

And when she doesn’t understand something, they explain it to her.

The big issues of human life pass by at a restless tempo.

About growing up. About the world. About the family. 


Premiere 21 September 2011 HETPALEIS Antwerp

Father, Mother, I and We
Father, Mother, I and We
Father, Mother, I and We


  • TEXT & DIRECTION Inne Goris, after Picknick on the winding stairs by Esther Jansma
  • COMPOSITION Dominique Pauwels
  • VIDEO Kurt d'Haeseleer
  • SCENOGRAPHY Ruimtevaarders (Karolien De Schepper & Christophe Engels)
  • COSTUMES Lieve Meeussen
  • MUSICIANS Heleen Van Haegenborgh (piano), Romek Maniewski (cello)
  • ACTRESS Greet Verstraete

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