As long as he does not know himself

At the beginning of the story of the passion and death of Narcissus, as recorded in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the beautiful nymph Liriope asks the blind seer Tiresias whether her child Narcissus will have a long life and reach a fine old age…

The seer replies: ‘As long as he does not know himself’.

Koenraad Tinel is now drawing the story of Narcissus live, and full of life. He does the drawings – projected onto a large screen – before the audience’s eyes, accompanied and encompassed by music composed by Frederik Neyrinck and performed by SPECTRA. Josse De Pauw tells the story of Narcissus to the rhythm of Tinel’s brush, underpinned by the music.



  • CONCEPT Koenraad Tinel, Josse De Pauw
  • TEXT based on the story of Narcissus from Metamorphoses by Ovid
  • TEXT ADAPTION Josse De Pauw
  • TEXT ADAPTION Josse De Pauw
  • COMPOSITION Frederik Neyrinck
  • WITH Koenraad Tinel, Josse De Pauw, Lieselot De Wilde
  • ENSEMBLE SPECTRA: Tille Van Gastel (flute), Cédric De Bruycker (clarinet), Pieter Jansen (violin), Bram Bossier (viola), Peter Devos (cello)
  • PRODUCTION LOD muziektheater & SPECTRA
  • COPRODUCTION Concertgebouw Brugge
  • WITH THE SUPPORT OF the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government
  • TAX SHELTER PARTNER Flanders Tax Shelter



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