ENOA workshop: masterclass by Sahika Tekand – performative staging and acting

14 Mai 2018

ENOA workshop: masterclass by Sahika Tekand – performative staging and acting

Starting date / Ending date

27th of August 2018 until 29th of August 2018


Language of the workshop



Workshop open to

Performers, singers, directors


The workshop

The masterclass will focus on the introduction and experimentation of the “performative staging and acting method”, developed by Sahika Tekand and implemented on stage with her company / ensemble.

The performative staging and acting method is meant for the performer to engage with his/her expressive material (body and voice) in a performative way to create artistic results. Therefore, all performers coming from different fields who would want to make use of their expressive tools in a performative sense can benefit from working with the method. 

The performative staging and acting method is fundamentally established on the concept of ‘Game’. The structure and the rules of the ‘game’ are collaterally designed based on the text which in turn constitute the principles of artistic design and expression. The method demands that all the components work collaboratively in the present moment and that all the risks taken here and now on stage are real.  During the performance, the method intends, in a transparent manner, to superpose and generate simultaneously that which happens to the person in real life, the player on the stage and the character in the play. The artistic expression constructed on the ‘Game’s design does not conceal its synthetic nature and thus relies on persuasiveness rather than believability with regards to the relation between the stage and the audience. The text of the play is addressed as the text of the performance and since it is written/re-written or rearranged according to the design of the game and the principles of artistic expression, the text presents itself as a performative text.

The aim of the workshop is developing an understanding of the objective conditions that surround the performer so that he/she can perform by truthfully relating to and letting him/herself be exposed to these conditions. The performers in this sense are urged to be creative performers not sole practitioners.


Outputs for singers and performers

- An understanding of language and text as music

- Creative tools for a truthful artistic expression

- Exploration of the possibilities of the body and voice in relation to game-playing


Outputs for directors

In addition to the first two above: an understanding of form and meaning through game design


N° of participants



Work programme

Two 2-hour sessions for 3 days

Day 1: Introduction of the method by Şahika Tekand


             Application of the method by improvised exercises

Day 2: Designing-Playing a game with The Music of Language by use of sound and text


              Designing-Playing a game with The Music of Language by use of sound and text

Day 3: Design-Application on sound and text


NB: Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing and trainers, suitable for the class activity.


Bio of the workshop leader

Sahika Tekand studied Theatre and Acting at the Fine Arts Faculty of 9 Eylül University/Turkey where she also completed her PhD.  She was granted associate professorship in 2013.

Sahika Tekand, started her acting career in theatre and film in 1984, while she also taught acting at the University. She then founded an acting studio named STUDIO in 1988. 

Tekand founded her own theatre ensemble, STUDIO OYUNCULARI (THE STUDIO PLAYERS) in 1990 and developed her own method “THE PERFORMATIVE STAGING AND ACTING METHOD".  She implemented the method on the stage with several plays that she has written and directed and, she has been invited to many international festivals participating with the plays performed by her company/ensemble. She has received numerous awards with her productions as both a performer and director. She currently lives and works as an artist in Istanbul, Turkey.   


Registration deadline

June 30th 2018


Selection criteria

CV + letter of intention (to be sent to anne-louise@lod.be)


Practical information

The network assumes the responsibility for the training fees, the costs of accommodation and travel 



LOD muziektheater, Bijlokekaai 3, 9000 Ghent, Belgium