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Lieselot De wilde wins Ultima Award for 'Music'

Soprano, performer and maker Lieselot De Wilde wins Ultima Award for 'Music'

Lieselot De Wilde wins the Ultima for 'Music' as crowning recognition of a highly versatile musical career as soprano, performer and creator.

The Ultimas jury about Lieselot:

"Lieselot is a very versatile singer who performs a variety of music: from medieval to contemporary compositions. She loves creative and adventurous projects in which she can also put other of her passions into play, such as theatre, poetry and improvisation."


At LOD muziektheater, Lieselot has previously worked in the productions Muur, Meneer Afzal, L'Autre Hiver, Huis der verboden muziekjes, i c o n, La Tristeza Complice Concertante and has collaborated with SPECTRA, AskoISchönberg, Lucelin, Dick van der Harst, Dominique Pauwels, Thomas Smetryns, Pieter De Buysser, Inne Goris, Frederik Neyrinck and many others.

Even when the corona pandemic hit in full force in 2020, Lieselot managed to take us on a world tour with her multimedia project Around The World in 72 Songs. With this project Lieselot emphasized the power of music as a universal language and she also wanted to promote female singer-songwriters. She continued her success story in 2021 with another standout piece, Cupid and Death, a production by the internationally acclaimed Ensemble Correspondances.

"The career of Flemish vocal artist, performer and maker Lieselot De Wilde is brimming with unbridled versatility and creativity. She performs early music, contemporary music, songs, musical theatre creations and her own creative projects."


Lieselot can be seen in the concert version of 'La Tristeza Complice' at CC Bruges' Airbag Festival on 18 May 2022!