Miniatures: creating opera & music theatre for children & young audience (enoa-workshop)

In this workshop we want to challenge and question the way creators address children and young audiences. What is the specificity of creating an opera or music theatre performance for them? How can their sensibility and capabilities be addressed in an intelligent, innovative and even radical way? To counteract the harmful consequences of considering children and youth as second class citizens, unable of fully engaging in a meaningful and aesthetically demanding performance, La Monnaie / De Munt & LOD muziektheater have envisioned this 2 part workshop: a real opportunity to rethink all together the way to move forward, of placing the children and the youngster, with all their complexities and challenges, in the center of the art creation. More information on the website of enoa.

During Summer Academy,  17 selected participants will work on this themes and willl continue their work on the concept, sketch or performance, started in Brussels during the first phase of the workshop in June, and develop it further into a small performance or miniature opera project and present it. They will be working with coach Willem Bruls. On Friday September 8, 15h you are welcome to assist the open studio moment of the projects. Entrance is free, but please make a reservation via Meeting place 14h50 at LOD, Bijlokekaai 3, Ghent.



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