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Summer Bar #3: Dear Darkening Ground

Dear Darkening Ground
Bijloke Wonderland
sam. 13 août 19:00 - 21:00
13 août
19:00 - 21:00

The third edition of Bijloke Wonderland features surprising and free concerts in the Summer Bar.

With a crystal clear voice, poetic lyrics and strong songs, the Natashia Kelly Quintet grabs you by the throat time and again. The front woman was inspired by poets like Rilke and Yeats for Dear Darkening Ground. More than a century ago, they warned - prophetically - of the danger of a lame relationship between man and nature, but at the same time they sounded hopeful: things can be different. On her new tour (with CD), the wayward Belgian with Irish roots is surrounded by some of the finest jazz musicians in the country. Don't miss it!


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Natashia Kelly Quintet met Dear darkening ground 

vocals Natashia Kelly guitar Ruben Machtelinckx piano Nicola Andrioli double bass Yannick Peeters drums Dré Pallemaerts

In collaboration with JazzLab