Koen Broos

Hink Stap Spring

LOD / Inne Goris
sam. 4 nov - mer. 19 févr.
4 nov
19 févr.

Metteur-en-scène Inne Goris, compositeur Thomas Smetryns et écrivain Pieter Delfosse passent le relais aux enfants pour la création de 'Hop Skip Jump'

I hop.
You skip.
We jump.
Scanning, searching, playing,
two adults and two children find their way.
Who is big and who feels small?
Who thinks he knows something or knows everything?
Who cares about nothing and who feels responsible?
Who comforts or who demands attention?
Who sets the rules of the game? 
Who plays along?

Hink Stap Spring (Hop Skip Jump) is a playful musical theatre performance for everyone aged 8 and up by director Inne Goris. A unique collaboration between children and adults, because young and old go all the way together: from the script to the music, from the costumes to the communication. The result is a joint quest for growing up, being a child, being the boss and setting boundaries.



conception & mise-en-scène Inne Goris (1969) 
composition Thomas Smetryns (1977) & Aya Vanvinckenroye (2008) 
texte Pieter Delfosse (1985), Nefise Gök (2011), Nihal Gök (2011), Ali Laghrissi (2012) & Silke Claessen (1994)
jeu Youness Khoukhou (1984), Simon Mars De Brackenier (2013) & Jonna Decaluwé (2012)
execution musicale Thomas Moore (1980) 
scenographie & lumière Stef Stessel (1964) & Suzanne Rigole (2012)
costumes Lotte Boonstra (1989), Jente De Graef (1990), Early Akhere (2013) & Keasha Prempeh (2013)
technique Frederik Van Onsem (1983) & Lukas Vanhoutte (2000)
délégué de production Liesbet Termont (1982) 
production LOD muziektheater (1989)
avec le soutien de la mesure tax shelter du gouvernement fédéral Belge
tax shelter partner Flanders tax shelter

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