Mario Debaene

Honey I’m real I exist

Lucinda Ra / Barbara Claes
10x10 collaboration with Voor?uit
jeu. 30 sept. - ven. 1 oct.
30 sept.
1 oct.

Love does know its limits

In the summer of 2019, theatre maker Barbara Claes married her Indian husband in the Indian city of Thiruvananthapuram. In 2020, Barbara arrived in Belgium again. Without her husband. They were at the start of a visa application for family reunification, but the administrative complexity and corona threw a spanner in the works. More than a year later, Barbara is still waiting for the moment to let her husband come to Belgium. Love does have its limits.

In Honey I'm real I exist, Claes reveals all the exact facts of her personal story. The play unfolds in a puzzled world view. At the same time, Barbara reconstructs her biography and the history of Belgium by means of a self-made tourist guide. She has to show her husband the way when he arrives in Flanders, even Europe, for the first time.

Honey I'm real I exist zooms in and out on notions like (dis)attachment, origin, cultural differences, the strange, love and history. Love is not a coincidence or a card game but a travel ticket to a theatre play.

As part of 10x10, a collaboration between LOD music theatre and Kunstencentrum Voo?uit.

As part of 10x10, a collaboration between LOD music theatre and Kunstencentrum Voo?uit.

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concept, text & acting: Barbara Claes - dramaturgy: Simon Allemeersch & Stefanie Claes - acting advice: Kristien De Proost - design: Mario Debaene - production assistance & technique: Frouke Van Gheluwe - production: Lucinda Ra & Kunstencentrum Voo?uit - in cooperation with: KVS, Theater Antigone, De Grote Post, De Brakke Grond, De Veerman & Guislain Ghent - with the support of: Flanders and the City of Ghent - with special thanks to: Philippe Flachet and Rahul Jigyasu

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