Josse De Pauw & Jan Kuijken

In this two-part production, Josse De Pauw presents an adaptation of The Strange Rider and The women at the tomb, two tragicomic stories by the Belgian author Michel de Ghelderode (1898-1962). Jan Kuijken composed the music for a large orchestra in the studio. His composition was woven with the soundscape into a film score for theatre. In the first part, the words violently force their way through the music, in order – in the second part – to be carried by almost fluid vocal melodies. A music theatre piece, sometimes grotesque, sometimes extremely fragile. A biblical puppet show.
An Old Monk
Josse De Pauw & Kris Defoort
A joint venture by Kris Defoort and Josse De Pauw was an old idea. Their work schedules had never previously allowed it, but then we finally had it: An Old Monk.
Josse De Pauw performs a piece he wrote himself, with music by Kris Defoort inspired by Thelonius Monk. About wanting to live at all costs.

Ghost Road
LOD/ Fabrice Murgia & Dominique Pauwels

An older woman, alone on the stage, films herself. She is the only one left in a place where human civilization has receded. Her city is empty; she alone remains behind, lifeless. Her decline is also the decline of what was once an apparently indestructible society. She goes in search of the reasons for this decay, and for her loneliness. Has she been left behind by a hastily fleeing community, or has she consciously opted for abandonment? Is she victim or martyr? Her inner monologue is echoed by the music, which serves as the second voice, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in discord, with her voice gradually being drowned out.

Another Winter
Dominique Pauwels, Normand Chaurette, Denis Marleau & Stéphanie Jasmin
Another Winter is a new opera by Dominique Pauwels, inspired by the tumultuous relationship between the two legendary French poets, Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine. Normand Chaurette is writing the libretto and Denis Marleau is directing, together with Stéphanie Jasmin, who has been his companion for many years now.
The reputation of Denis Marleau, a major figure on the Quebec theatre scene, extends far beyond Canada’s borders. His artistic approach is distinguished by his challenging literary choices, meticulous directing, and innovative use of audio and video technology.