mer. 17 juin - ven. 19 juin

Zoutmijnen & Zenuwlijders

LOD / Marlies Tack, Jakob Ampe & Kristien De Proost
17 juin
19 juin

On 26 January 1943, the grandfather of Marlies Tack is drafted into forced labour in Germany. In the Junkers factory, he is tasked with building fighter planes for the Wehrmacht. More than 70 years later, Marlies Tack sets off on a journey together with her father to retrace the steps of her grandfather based on his war diary. In this way, we see the story of three generations of the same family come together. Each one has a different perspective on the past.

 In the frame of 10x10, in collaboration with Vooruit, Ghent

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Zoutmijnen en Zenuwlijders tells a war story spanning three generations with the aid of journal entries, childhood memories and a travel report. Ultimately, it’s a performance about a grandfather, a father and a daughter. Actor Kristien De Proost delves deep into this family history, with musical accompaniment by Jakob Ampe (The Germans).


texte & mise-en-scène Marlies Tack jeu Kristien De Proost musique Jakob Ampe, Anu Junnonen scénographie Jelle Clarisse lumière Marlies Jacques technique Johannes Ringoot déléguée de production Rozemarijn Van Kalmthout coaching Josse De Pauw production LOD muziektheater coproduction d e t h e a t e r m a k e r, Kunstencentrum Vooruit avec le soutien de la mésure TAX Shelter du gouvernement belge, CAMPO, CC De Grote Post, Marc Tack, Yinka Kuitenbrouwer TAX Shelter partner Flanders Tax Shelter