Lulela - VR

LOD / Gabriele Di Franco & Cybernetic Walrus
Thu 24 Feb 18:00 - 20:30
24 Feb
From 18:00

Are you a curious person who loves music theatre, surreal storytelling and gaming?

Lulela is a music theatre performance by LOD, composed and directed by Gabriele Di Franco, which premiered this summer at Bijloke Wonderland. Lulela is a contraction of the Italian 'lui', 'lei' and 'l'altro' or 'he, 'she' and 'the other', a hybrid performance in which performer, protagonist and audience are essentially one organism. For the project, we submitted an application to VAF innovation studio whereby, together with Cybernetic Walrus, we developed a multiplayer VR game based on the interactive musical theatre performance. For this we are looking for 15 test persons who want to participate in a free try-out of LULELA VR on the 24th of Feburary to give feedback afterwards that will contribute to the further development and creation of the future VR game. 

In LULELA VR you are immersed in an absurd, changing world, where 6 musicians to tell you a story, and where you can choose the fate and evolution of this story, but also suffer the consequences. Players can vomit rainbows, suddenly lose their hair, end up at a party, and much more. All this depends entirely on the choices the players make. They can influence not only their surroundings, but also the music. This is how music, storytelling and gaming come together in one art form.

A small FAQ:

How long would I be in VR?
-> The VR game itself takes 15 minutes.

I wear glasses. Is that a problem?
-> Most glasses fit into a VR headset. Only some very large frames don't fit.

I never play video games. Is that a problem?
-> Not at all. LULELA VR is meant for a broad audience, so you don't need any VR or gaming experience. We will give you a short tutorial before starting the game.


On the 24th of February there will be three sessions for five people each at 18:00, 19:15 and 20:30. The try-outs will take place in the lounge of LOD muziektheater; Bijlokekaai 3, 9000, Ghent. Please register 10 minutes in advance with your Covid Safe Ticket.

Een kleine FAQ:

Hoe ziet het verloop van de test eruit?
-> We ontvangen jullie in kleine groepjes van vijf personen per tijdsslot. Na een korte introductie krijg je de VR headset op. Achteraf maken we tijd voor wat feedback.

Hoe lang zal ik in VR zijn?
-> Het VR-spel zelf duurt 15 minuten.

Ik draag een bril. Is dat een probleem?
-> De meeste brillen passen in een VR headset. Alleen sommige zeer grote monturen passen niet.

Ik speel nooit videogames. Is dat een probleem?
-> Helemaal niet. Lulela - VR is bedoeld voor een breed publiek, dus je hebt geen VR- of game-ervaring nodig. We geven je een korte tutorial voordat je met het spel begint.