Michiel Devijver


Recap of the Bijloke Summer Academy 2023

Seven artistic projects by up-and-coming music theatre makers were given the space, resources and coaching to develop in the summer of 2023. Time for a little recap!


The participants and projects of the 2023 edition were: 

PILGRIMAGE - Siebe Thijs, Junior Akwety, Suzan Peeters, Natalie van Meirvenne & Arturo den Hertog

NOT ENOUGH TO SEE -  Silvia Marazzi

THE SAGES OF DARKNESS - Bahzad Suleiman, Willem Bruls, Amer Ali & Jana Seyda

KIN - Bastard Assignments: Josh Spear, Edward Henderson, Caitlin Rowley & Tim Cape

FLESH IS A FLESH IS A FLESH - Basak Günak & Ekin Tunceli

CHILDREN OF SUN - Gemma Hansson Carbone & Timoteo Hansson Carbone

KUFSAT DIBBUK - Tyler Cunningham


Bijloke Summer Academy is an initiative of the five residents of the Bijloke site: 

LOD muziektheater (production house)
Muziekcentrum De Bijloke (music venue)
KASK & Royal Conservatory School of Arts Ghent (school)
SPECTRA (ensemble for contemporary music) 
International Opera Academy (academy)

Together they offer rehearsal spaces, coaching by renowned coaches, technical and logistical support and good food, to work under the best possible conditions for two weeks. 

The Bijloke Summer Academy is made possible thanks to the support by the City of Ghent Gent, the Flemish Government & enoa.


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