Our buildings

Our offices & LOD Studio are situated on the Bijlokesite.

LOD muziektheater
Bijlokekaai 3
9000 Ghent

The 'Maternity' & LOD Studio

Since 2008 LOD has been based at the former ‘Maternity’ wing on the Bijloke site. Together with Les Ballets C de la B, SPECTRA and Ontroerend Goed, LOD housed its offices at the historic site. In addition, the two companies each has a new rehearsal room / presentation studio there.

The architects Jan De Vylder and Trice Hofkens designed the new buildings and the adjoining garden was designed by the landscape architect Bas Smets. LOD’s buildings, a combination of old and new, are the perfect setting for the creation of new, pioneering productions.
A whole group of other cultural organisations are also housed on the Bijloke site in addition to LOD muziektheater.

You can find more about these neighbours and the site as a whole at www.bijlokesite.be.