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Storytelling walk for families

STAM / The secrets of the Bijloke site
Bijloke Wonderland
Sun 14 Aug - Sun 28 Aug
14 Aug
28 Aug

STAM organises narrative walks for children (from 6 years of age) and adults together. The walks take place outside on the Bijloke site and inside the museum. The guide takes the role of the site's handyman.

The handyman knows the Bijloke site with all its buildings and greenery like the back of his hand. During this walk, he tells children and their (grand)parents all the facts and secrets. Who used to live and work here? Did you know that there are chickens on the site? And if you look closely, there are other animals as well... There are even ducks to be fished! Do you know what an 'anatomical theatre' is? Join the search for the hidden graveyard. Discover the pick-your-own vegetable banks and find out what their link is to the past.

A ticket for the narrated walk includes admission to the museum.

An initiative by
LOD muziektheater, Music Centre De Bijloke, STAM en laGeste (les ballets C de la B & kabinet k)
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