House (8+)

LOD / Inne Goris
Fri 25 Oct - Sat 2 Apr
25 Oct
2 Apr
Inne Goris invites you into a house. With headphones on, you explore every room. Who lives there? What do they do? What are they waiting for?

There is the house.
You know it from the outside.
You sometimes hear a sound, but not much.
Someone counting to ten. Clattering. Snoring.
You don’t learn much from walking around it.
You are curious.
Who lives there?
If you could sneak inside one day.
Perhaps the door will be ajar.
How quietly can you sneak?
How quickly can you crawl out?
Do you collect sounds?
An earful from every room?
Did you hear me?
Guess where I am!
Can you hear me snoring? Can you hear me humming?
Can you see my knees? The end of my nose?
I can be anywhere.
I know this house. I am this house.
I creep as slowly as a chair, even quieter than your thoughts.
Are you looking for me, can you find me?
I was the mother, you were the child.
Or was it the other way round?

Inne Goris invites you into a home of a mother and a child. With headphones on you explore every space. Who lives there? Wat are they doing? What are they waiting for?

House is an installation show, not a traditional theatre performance, but a large house on stage where you, as a visitor, can walk through at your own pace. The performance lasts 50 minutes. Every hour 30 persons can descend into the poetic world of Inne Goris and Laura Broekhuijsen. Children get to hear the story from the mother. Adults hear the story of the child. Teachers also get to hear the story of the mother, so that they know which story their students have heard. Teenagers can choose which story they prefer to hear.

Laura Broekhuysen wrote the text in close cooperation with Inne Goris and Lotte Heijtenis

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House is rare and precious theatre that envelops you like a delicate cocoon. You may sink into the (visual and verbal) beauty of a gloomy head. It is theatre as a break from life. It is like being in a quiet, dark house that lights up your head. Wow. ★★★★

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concept Inne Goris installation Stef Stessel, Koen Broos text Laura Broekhuysen composition Wouter Snoei musical direction Romain Bischoff voice daughter (registration) TBC voice mother (registration) TBC realization décor hetpaleis & De Brug english translation P.C. Evans technical coordination Nic Roseeuw, Erik Moonen technicians Pino Etz, Diederik Suykens production manager Isabel Vermeulen, Rozemarijn van Kalmthout production LOD muziektheater & hetpaleis coproduction Silbersee