Kim Krijnen

The girl, the hunter and the wolf

LOD & Nationale Opera & Ballet / Inne Goris, Vasco Mendonça & Gonçalo M. Tavares
Sat 15 Oct - Sat 3 Feb
15 Oct
3 Feb

Things are not wat they seem (6+)

Close your eyes, 
Imagine walking through a beautiful forest
You know every little branch of every little tree
You know everyone who lives there:
Who’s good and who’s bad,
Who’s kind, who’s funny -
and also:
who’s dangerous

What if that forest isn't exactly what it seems? Maybe that little branch is really a flute. Maybe those who look kind are just silly. And maybe those who look dangerous aren't so dangerous after all? 

Devious, greedy and dishonest: that is how you know the wolf in the fairy tales you have been told. But what if he is just very misunderstood? What if we take a look from his perspective? That incident with Little Red Riding Hood, that scene at the door of the piglets: it was not as simple as we have thought all this time. Through a series of misunderstandings, prejudice, bad luck and bizarre coincidences, the wolf has been wrongly portrayed as the villain. It is high time for wolf's honour to be restored.

The Girl, the Hunter and the Wolf is an opera for everyone from 6 years and older, by composer Vasco Mendonça, writer Gonçalo M. Tavares and director Inne Goris.  


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composition Vasco Mendonça direction Inne Goris text Gonçalo M. Tavares singers (Dutch version) Sabra El Bahri-Khatri (soprano), Arturo Den Hartog (countertenor) & Leonie Van Rheden (mezzo-soprano) singers (Portuguese version) Lara Rainho (soprano), Mariana de Sousa (mezzo-soprano) & Logan Lopez Gonzalez (countertenor) musical performance SPECTRA: Frank Van Eycken (percussion), Nico Couck (electric guitar), Yuko Fukumae (clarinet) & Seraphine Stragier (cello) musical director Alphonse Cemin dramaturgy Willem Bruls scenography & light Stef Stessel costumes & video Lotte Boonstra technics & video Jamy Hollebeke assistant director Liesbet Termont Dutch language coach Maurits Draijer production manager Nicky Cammaert producer Naomi Russell production LOD muziektheater & Nationale Opera Ballet Amsterdam coproduction LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões, Teatro Municipal Do Porto, Cineteatro Loulé & SPECTRA

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