Lieselot De Wilde
10x10 collaboration with VIERNULVIER
Sat 22 Apr - Sat 2 Sep
22 Apr
2 Sep

Lieselot De Wilde creates a solo performance about being an artist from a personal and female perspective. 

Music theatre by and about strong women

What do shedding insects, the music of Hildegard van Bingen, prehistoric miniature sculptures and make-up tutorials from the fifties have to do with each other? Seemingly nothing, but they got crackling in the imagination of soprano and musical theatre maker Lieselot De Wilde. In her first solo creation Figurine, she explores the (self)image of women in the arts and beyond. She forges rusty expectations and old clichés into a kaleidoscopic reflection on creation, transformation and humanity.

In dialogue with a sculpture by scenographer Mirella Weingarten and in a musical language as colourful as it is unique, De Wilde plays a game of moving and being moved. How do you shape yourself and your world? How do you break free from templates and patterns? And what range of forms take their place? Figurine is the artistic self-portrait of a budding creator, and an ode to freedom and multiplicity.

In 2022 Lieselot De Wilde won the Ultima Award in the 'Music' category.

As part of 10x10, a collaboration between LOD music theatre and Arts Centre VIERNULVIER.


Part of ALL ARIAS Music Theatre Biennial 2023

The hero as bottle, a stringent reevaluation. I now propose the bottle as hero.

Virginia Woolf


artistic coordination, co-direction, composition, text, performance Lieselot De Wilde
co-direction, scenography, costumes Mirella Weingarten
dramaturgy Katherina Lindekens
movements coach Daisy Philips 
sound design, double bass Brecht Beuselinck
light design, technics Jannes Dierynck
set Jörg Schildbach
musical coach Frederik Neyrinck
production Veerle Vervoort
musical execution (recording) SunSunSun & Berlinde Deman
coproduction Per Podium, Concertgebouw Brugge, LOD muziektheater
supported by the Flemish gouvernment, the TAX Shelter measure by the Belgian federal gouvernment & Destelheide 

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