Fred Debrock

Josse Jnr.

LOD / Ahilan Ratnamohan
Thu 10 Aug - Sat 21 Oct
10 Aug
21 Oct

Josse Jnr. is the first collaboration between Ahilan Ratnamohan, Josse De Pauw & Etuwe Bright Junior

In Josse Jnr., theatre-maker and performer Ahilan Ratnamohan, together with Josse De Pauw and Etuwe Bright Junior, investigates language learning and the inevitable power relations that arise from it. What can De Pauw's texts, stylistically so European and abstract, mean on another body? How can these texts and aesthetics - which by now have largely defined the Flemish canon - reach another poetry? Is Flemishness transferable?


concept, direction & performance Ahilan Ratnamohan
text & performance Josse De Pauw 
performance Etuwe Bright Junior 
dramaturgy Petar Sarjanovic
costumes Anne-Catherine Kunz
technics Timme Afschrift & Gilles Roosen
production manager Liesbet Termont
production LOD muziektheater & ROBIN vzw
coproduction Theater Kampnagel Hamburg, Explore the North / PAFFF Leeuwarden
with thanks to Monty
with the support of the tax shelter measure of the Belgian federal gouvernment 
tax shelter partner Flanders tax shelter