Love Doll playing with the big boys in a different kind of space

LOD / Lies Pauwels & Frederik Neyrinck
Fri 26 Jan - Thu 18 Apr
26 Jan
18 Apr

New creation by director and performer Lies Pauwels and composer Frederik Neyrinck, with B'ROCK Orchestra & Bertel Schollaert

"Theatre play 'Love doll' by Lies Pauwels: gorgeous monologues by a doll about our humanity. At the side of the fabulous drag queen Veronika Deneuve, Lies Pauwels makes her comeback as an actress. Her Love doll is cryptic, but more personal than ever." - De Standaard

"In those moments of stillness, the performance crawls deepest under the skin. Not just because of Pauwels' presence, but also because of what she says. She sketches a life that is never black and white. In that sense, 'Love doll playing with the big boys in a different kind of space' is an ode to the power of change." - De Tijd

‘Between you and me: if emotional experiences are a human problem, I would love to keep that problem, actually.’ A dusty doll fumbles her way to words. Two boys’ voices break. Man molts into mermaid, human becomes machine. Welcome aboard the wobbly ark of desire. Destination: horizon. The captain calls for calm, then sheds her uniform. Amidst the tempest, the orchestra plays on – old sounds from a distant future. 

In Love Doll, director Lies Pauwels explores the utopia of connection in a splintered world. How paradoxical is the gulf between man and woman, human and animal, nature and technology, body and mind, individual and collective? Can we hope for balance in a sea of contradictions? Can we find each other in the search, in the beauty of the inadequate? 

Pauwels examines these and other questions in the company of dancer Nicolas Vladyslav, drag artist Sam De Mol alias Veronika Deneuve, two young singers, four musicians from B'ROCK Orchestra and saxophone player Bertel Schollaert. Together, the performers get lost in a visual wonderland designed by Johanna Trudzinski. Composer Frederik Neyrinck creates a hybrid score in which the historical and the contemporary coalesce. 


In any case, it is a complicated coincidence for us to have ended up here together. 


concept, text & performance Lies Pauwels composition Frederik Neyrinck musical execution Bertel Schollaert & B'ROCK Orchestra: violon Rebecca Gormezano/ Rebecca Huber double bass Tom Devaere/ Isaline Leloup traverso & flute Tami Krausz/ Sarah Van Cornewal harpsichord & piano Dimos De Beun/ Pieter-Jan Verhoyen dance Nicolas Vladyslav drag performance artist Sam De Mol as Veronika Deneuve vocals & performance Indi De Mol, Maxim De Cang, Remus Gesquire, Vladimir Verbeeck musical dramaturgy Katherina Lindekens scenography & costumes Johanna Trudzinski costumes Irene Barrera Beltran intern dramaturgy & direction assistance Lore Meesters light design Wolfgang Macher sound Pierre-Olivier Boulant realisation decor, video & stage master Wim Piqueur outside eye Nona Demey Gallagher technics Pino Etz production manager Eva De Wolf production LOD muziektheater co-production DESINGEL, B'ROCK Orchestra, Apollo-Theater Siegen & VIERNULVIER with thanks to Fred Debrock, Jan Debel, Koen Tachelet & Ana Maria da Silva Pitarma with the support of The tax shelter measure by the Belgian federal government tax shelter partner Flanders tax shelter

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