Fri 23 Oct - Wed 25 Nov


Down the Rabbit Hole & LOD
23 Oct
25 Nov

Enter into Jukebox, the inner life of a music box! For kids only. 

In Jukeboxyou enter an interactive playground filled with sounds. It feels as if you crawl into the inside of a jukebox. What sound do you listen to first? Together with the other new inhabitants of Jukebox you get to see choreographies projected onto a large screen, like in a videgame. Based on how you work together and move around the playgound, the music in the room changes and new sounds appear. For children aged 7 until 11. 


LOD & Down the Rabbit Hole: Jukebox

concept & artistic direction Down the Rabbit Hole (Filipa Botelho, Kaja Farszky, Hanna Kölbel) performers Filipa Botelho, Hanna Kölbel, Kaja Farszky/Špela Mastnak/Ruben Orio composition
Joris Blanckaert interaction design Brecht Debackere animation and visual design Nele Fack sound design and programming Quentin Meurisse light design Johannes Ringoot stage and costume design adviser Saskia Louwaard dramaturgy adviser Koen Haagdorens children dramaturgy adviser 
Tom Rummens production LOD muziektheater & Cohort