LOD, hetpaleis & Opera Ballet Vlaanderen / Inne Goris
coproduction Silbersee & SPECTRA
Fri 16 Apr - Wed 3 Nov
16 Apr
3 Nov

Being in love =
a tickling in your toes
waiting for that one question
searching for the most beautiful words
doubting everything
chaos in your head
practising saying 'yes'
going crazy
starting anew
giggling helplessly

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Twelve girls. They don't know much about love yet. But one thing is certain: one thing they don't want is to be driven crazy by love and end up in a pond full of flowers, like Shakespeare's Ophelia. There must be other ways to tame love, to cherish longing and to care for grief.

Ophelia is an intimate film installation. The audience is immersed in the emotional world of twelve young Ophelias. By means of still images, fragments of text and music, they pass on their lessons about that one huge emotion: love. Passionate, compelling, funny and sometimes a bit sad. For anyone 9 years and older who is, has been or wants to be in love.


LOD, hetpaleis and Opera Vlaanderen / Inne Goris
from 9 years

concept and direction Inne Goris composition Thomas Smetryns libretto Dounia Mahammed
with Helin Capa, Jonna Decaluwé, Olivia Engels, Lena Konteh, Anneleen Lambrecht, Marie Moonen, Ivana Noa, Chahd Snoussi, Renee Vaerewijck, Billie Van Overtvelt, Paulien Van Walle and Marthe Verhovert
music performed by SPECTRAPieter Jansen (violin), Bram Bossier (viola), Francis Mourey (cello) and Frank Van Eycken (percussion) camera and photography Koen Broos sound and composition Wouter Snoei
musical accompaniment Els Mondelaers musical dramaturgy Romain Bischoff montage Linde Raedschelders assistant director Tom Goossens scenography and lighting design Stef Stessel costume design Lotte Boonstra technique Victor Hidalgo, Pino Etz, Koen Corbet, Wim Piquer and Bart Mommerency
production management Rozemarijn Van Kalmthout, Jelte Van Roy and Eva Bracke production LOD muziektheater, hetpaleis and Opera Ballet Vlaanderen co-production Silbersee, SPECTRA with the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian federal government tax shelter partner Flanders Tax Shelter


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