a concert called landscape

LOD / Josse De Pauw, Kris Defoort
Thu 10 Oct - Wed 27 Apr
10 Oct
27 Apr

Following the success of An Old Monk, Josse De Pauwand Kris Defoort, Lander Gyselinckand Nicolas Thysare joining each other on stage again.

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As a child, our ‘landscape’ may be our bedroom, or a corner of grandma and grandpa’s attic, a place where we play and discover things. As an adult, the landscape may mean the quiet of the countryside and the bustle of the city, or just the opposite. Josse De Pauw is giving a voice to our landscape.

A jazzy ode to our first landscape

It’s a misty day in autumn, and my surroundings have vanished into the haze. Later in the morning the air clears and I can again see further; trees and houses assume sharper outlines. By noon the sun finally breaks through, the clouds disperse and the horizon expands into the distant line in which all things are united in a great whole: the world has become a landscape.

Ton Lemaire, 'Filosofie van het Landschap'

In LOD-magazine #1 van september 2019 verscheen een brief van Josse De Pauw aan Kris Defoort. Over het leven, het landschap en het waarom van a concert called landscape. 

Lees de brief hier. 


concept & play Josse De Pauw composition Kris Defoort music Kris Defoort Trio (Kris Defoort, Nicolas Thys & Lander Gyselinck) scenography Anne Marcq assistant scenography Esther Denis light Jannes Dierynck sound Brecht Beuselinck, Victor Hidalgo execution set Jani Affar production manager Liesbet Termont production LOD muziektheater coproduction deSingel Antwerp, Le Manège Maubeuge with the support of the atelier of Théâtre National, the TAX Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government thanks to dienst Cultuur Gent, Stad Gent tax shelter partner Flanders Tax Shelter


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