Amber Van Dongen

Summer Bar #12: Mowgli and the Wolf Pack

Musical narration (6+) with brass quintet Brassery
Bijloke Wonderland
Sun 28 Aug 16:00 - 17:00
28 Aug
16:00 - 17:00
  • 28 Aug
    16:00 - 17:00
    in, Gent
    Bijloke Wonderland - Tent - Gent (BE)

The third edition of Bijloke Wonderland features exciting and free concerts in the Summer Bar.

Brassery's Mowgli van de Wolvenhorde (Mowgli of the Wolf Pack) tells how a human child, raised by wolves in an often hostile world, grows up to be a young man. It's a bit like Peter and the Wolf, but with animals that are a bit more raw, a bit wilder, a bit less calculating. Always exciting, but also quite funny at times.

In terms of content, the project touches on themes such as forming an identity, dealing with strangeness, fear and security. It is a story about respect, about coming and going, about goodbyes, but certainly also a great story about naughty boys and wise panthers.

Text and music together tell this universal story and Brassery explores the boundaries of what music can tell when words fail, how a word can be translated into thousands of sounds. Mowgli of the Wolf Pack is a story in which text, image and music reinforce each other rather than just a musically accompanied monologue.

The free concert is accessible without booking. 

An initiative by
LOD music theatre, Music Centre De Bijloke, STAM en laGeste (les ballets C de la B & kabinet k)
With the support of


narrator Bert Verbeke music performance Koperkwintet Brassery sound & technics Stoffel de Laat music Marc Goris text & direction Jos Dom