Wed 20 Nov - Thu 21 Nov

Haiti O Ayiti

Cecilia Eliceche, Leandro Nerefuh
20 Nov
21 Nov

 An homage to the island in the form of a dance poem

Ayiti is the island of mountains, where the Tainos, Arawaks, Marien, Magua, Maguana, Higuey, Xaragua and many others lived when christopher columbus* set foot in 1492. The date marks the beginning of the genocide, a brutal extractivism of the many territories of Abya Yala, and the enslavement of African peoples in the transatlantic* triangular trade. For more than 500 years this european-imposed* America has been defied.

Among the multitudinous and ongoing revolts on the island stands famous a dance gathering: a congress, Vodou ceremony and war council summoned by an African priestess that sparked the glorious and triumphant Haitian Revolution in 1791. A Revolution that is hidden to this day from the political imaginary of those who struggle for a world where many worlds fit.

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche and Leandro Nerefuh want to learn from Haiti about anti-colonial resistance through and in the form of dance and cultivation. Together and thanks to many great collaborators, they make a work in honor of Ayiti, its richness, its dances, and its inhabitants. Haiti o Ayiti is an homage to the island in the form of a dance poem. Diving in the deep waters of the Caribbean. Abismus invocatia abismus.

*at the explicit request of the makers, these words are written without a capital letter

 In the frame of 10x10, in collaboration with Vooruit, Ghent

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conjuring, dance & choreography Cecilia Lisa Eliceche environmental program & secretariat Leandro Nerefuh movement training & advice for Yanvalou Dieufel Lamisere, Estelle Foli Adjo / for Oxumare & Ewa Dona Cici & Luciana Barauna music Clarins da Bahia, in collaboration with Cecilia Lisa Eliceche & Leandro Nerefuh introduction to Haitian drums James Savoy text correction & advice Jean-Daniel Lafontant unitards & attributes Leandro Nerefuh, Dubréus Lhérisson, Camila Rossi Kennerley production WPZimmer, with Cecilia Lisa Eliceche & Leandro Nerefuh coproduction C-TAKT, Arts Centre Vooruit, STUK, Brakke Grond, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, Workspacebrussels artist in residence in Haiti Dansco residencies in Salvador Teatro Castro Alves, Teatro Vila Velha with the support of the Flemish Community together with LOD muziektheater