© Yaqine Hamzaoui

Monstrare et/ou Monere

Milø Slayers
Bijloke Wonderland
Fri 19 Aug and Sat 20 Aug
19 Aug
20 Aug

A hunched back, speaking without a mouth. Arms that go  their own way. Legs that swaying themselves. Until, at the bottom of the spine, a mouth peeps out of the trousers. Do all those body parts belong together? And where is the head? From the darkness only a voice is finally heard, like a thunderous eruption from deep within.

Monstrare and/or Monere, the solo debut of Milø Slayers, explores the border between human and monster. Not as in Hollywood, but from a deeper consciousness that wants to wriggle out of fixed categories. Can an identity become something fluid? Where does the normal (normative) body turns into a body that is seen as deformed?

Milø Slayers has been part of the dance company Slayers since 2013 and studied 'art and choreography' at ISAC in Brussels until 2020. In Monstrare and/or Monere, his choreographic background in hip-hop fuses with the structures of abstract contemporary dance, under a play of light that constantly distorts familiar human relationships. 

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LOD music theatre, Music Centre De Bijloke, STAM en laGeste (les ballets C de la B & kabinet k)
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concept & dance Milø Slayers light design Max Adams costumes Lila John movement research Stéphane Bourhis production KWP Kunstenwerkplaats co-production Dans in Brugge, VIERNULVIER en STUK dramaturgy Wouter Hillaert thanks to Wouter Hillaert, Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Elsemieke Scholte, Alain Platel, WIPCOOP, BUDA, Ultima Vez, laGeste, Charleroi Danse, BATARD, KVS, ISAC co-presentation VIERNULVIER en laGeste (les ballets C de la B + kabinet k)